Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Four Roses Tasting by Bourbon Blog

"Bourbon: Four Roses Small Batch
Distillery: Four Roses, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Age: “The target age for our Small Batch is 6 1/2 years, but we don’t want to ever be in a position that we must wait on birthdays of barrels so the actual age is always over 7 years” – Master Distiller Jim Rutledge tells BourbonBlog.com
Proof: 45% ABV;  90 proof
Notes: The Small Batch is a blend of 4 Bourbon as Four Roses is the only bourbon distillery that produce 10 distinct bourbon recipes. Recipes included in the Small Batch are OBSK, OBSO, OESK, and OESO.
Color: Medium Amber
Crisp sugar and citrus, vanilla.
Somewhat dessert-like in nature. Think of buttery vanilla cake meets luscious, refined whiskey. Incredibly approachable. Rye is well-balanced with creamy flavors of sweet oak and caramel. Like many Four Roses Bourbons, it deliciously drinks as though you are having a much lower proof than 90. Quite versatile in flavor, mixes well in cocktails according to Jim Rutledge in the video episode below.
Finish: Delicate and light with soft and smooth touch. Pleasantly long."  Bourbonblog.com
Bar Bandits
This is a great Bourbon that helped to keep our troops warm during World War II.  I had heard that one could find this bourbon all through Europe still to this day because of how many troops drank this brand during the War.  Sure enough I found it in Dublin Ireland and in London.  Has anyone else seen this whiskey in Europe?  If not we Carry it in our pub and it sells well.  If you are just starting into the world of Bourbon or an expert this Bourbon is solid on the rocks or its perfect to mix cocktails with!

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