Thursday, May 13, 2010

209 Gin

Bounty Hunter Wine Review:
"The standards start and end with Leslie Rudd, a proprietor with the connections and resources to get what he wants.' Nothing short of the best makes it near any product with his stamp on it and his gin is no exception. Bright citrus and juniper aromas with nuances of licorice and coriander that flourish on the palate. A sturdy palate weight that finishes bittersweet with a slight herbal tinge. This is a classic gin that will highlight an array of cocktails or is equally sophisticated on its own. Yes, it's that good."

Bar Bandits Review:

This is a gin with a lot to offer any lover of a great Gin.  Tons of  flavors will be jumping around your glass, you will find Juniper mixed with hints of citrus and an herbaceous bouquet .  This is a sturdy Gin and can stand up to any cocktail.  Now distilled in San Fransisco it is a must try!

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