Saturday, April 17, 2010

Maker's Mark

"Maker's Mark, Kentucky Straight Bourbon (USA)
Maker’s Mark is produced at Loretto in Kentucky, where distilling has been taking place on the Star Hill Farm site since to 1805. The present brand was developed by Bill Samuels Snr, who bought Star Hill in 1953, and the Scottish spelling of ‘whisky’ has been employed since the outset in recognition of Samuels’ Scottish ancestry. Since 2005 maker’s Mark has been owned by Fortune Brands, who are also responsible for Jim Beam. Samuels chose to create a Bourbon using a proportion of red winter wheat instead of the more common rye, in order to reduce the ‘burn’ left by many Bourbons of the time. The result is a comparatively soft and gentle spirit, which becomes very mellow as it matures. A subtle, complex, clean nose, with vanilla and spice, a delicate floral note of roses, plus lime and cocoa beans. Medium in body, Maker’s Mark offers a palate of fresh fruit, spices, eucalyptus and ginger cake. The finish features more spices, fresh oak with a hint of smoke, and a final flash of peach cheesecake. A delicate and circumspect Bourbon compared to some of its more redneck cousins. Very drinkable. 45.0% ABV, 70cl, £21.00, specialist whisky merchants. "

Tasting Notes From:

Whisky Magazine

Jim Murray

Aroma with delightful strands of exotic fruit and honey. Fruit cake. Oak adds to feeling of class.
Lush, pleasingly deep and malty. A firm nuttiness adds extra oily, chewability to the toffee.
Drier than of old. Caramel toffee with the oak guarantees a bittersweet edge.
An old faithful of a bourbon. Never lets you down and being from the wheaty school always shows good oak balance. Nose is to die for."

Michael Jackson

Wheaty, nutty. Bananas?
Buttered toast. Molasses. Maple syrup.
Clean, dryish, flapjack.
Beautifully structured. Tightly combined flavours. Every bit as smooth as it claims to be."

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