Wednesday, January 20, 2010

George Dickel


Bandit Review:
This is a great deal for anyone looking for a great mixing whiskey at a reasonable price.  This is my go to whiskey, I have a bottle in my house for my guests or for an after work cocktail.  This bottle is proof that you don't always have to come out of pocket to get a great product.  This is a great representation of a Bandit approved whiskey.  Happy drinking and saving! Review:

"This is the younger, cheaper brother of Dickel No.12 , Special Barrel Reserve, and Barrel Select .
Appearance: Dark copper in the bottle, bronze gold in the glass.
First Impression: Heavy corn presence, leather, vanilla, oak grain influence amidst galangal, trace of mint, and char developing. Interesting lack of phenols and other "off" smells you get with some grain distillates, only good whiskey smells.
Taste: Slightly light body, slightly astringent, light sweetness and oak pepper. Lighter than the No.12 but good. Spicy, aromatic, grainy/malty medium-to-long dry finish. Quite smooth and mellow.
Drinks: Interesting variant for any bourbon or rye drink. Much cheaper, too!
Final Thoughts: Some may consider it a bit light in body or find the dryness/char not to their liking. It is a good bargain for someone seeking a better whiskey for less than $20, hell one of the few. A much older and more drinkable whisk(e)y than most in that price range. Cheaper than Jack Daniels, more refined and lighter in body (but not excessively so) a good civilized whisky"

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