Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Leopold's Peach

Bandit Review:
I am not one to usually associate fruit with my whiskey; however, I can be wrongOne might stop and ask, "How do they cram so much peach flavor into this bottle and still have room for whiskey" after drinking from this bottle.  This is a great whiskey for after dinner, to pour over Ice cream, to glaze a peach cobbler, or just to sip and enjoy.  You will still taste whiskey while you also enjoy ripe round fruit flavors of peach, apricot, a slight hint of fig, finished with a whisper of spice brought over the top from the whiskey it's self.  I have tasted the Leopold's products and I have been impressed every time. Review:

"Deep burnished copper color. Mashed baked peach, custard cream, and talc aromas. A thick syrupy entry leads to a tangy, viscous medium-full body of baked peach puree, prunes, and light peppery spice. Finishes with a tangy peach and apricot tart flavors with lime and mineral accents. Great pure, natural flavor-try with Asti Spumanti or prosecco for a killer Bellini cocktail."

"International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal
RATING: 92 points (Exceptional)
CATEGORY: Liqueur Fruit, Liqueur
TASTING LOCATION: In Our Chicago Tasting Room
TASTING DATE: Dec-14-2006
SPIRITS ID: 180319"
Leopold bros

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